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Beavers Woodland, How it started

How it started

In the summer of 2013 we started our company Beavers Woodland. From our workshop in the north of Sweden we produce wooden postcards with quotes that give a smile on your face, you can lough about or even will touch you. We started selling our cards in the Netherlands. Due to the great success we were not able to keep up with the production so in January 2014 we invested in a new machine. With a steady growth we ran out of production capacity at the end of 2014. In March 2015 we installed our third machine. Now it’s time to extend the workshop we have so we have space for our fourth machine. The design for a complete new workshop is ready and approved. Start building will be spring 2017 after the snow is gone.

Working with designers

Beavers Woodland is working together with external designers. These creative professionals are specialized in making the graphics and quote’s. We help them to translate their designs so they work well on the wood. Because we are extending to the rest of the EU, we are looking for designers in the countries we have resellers.

If you are a designer we welcome you to get in touch with us.

Beavers Woodland: Working with designers
Beavers Woodland: about our wooden cards

About the Cards

Al our cards are made from birch veneer coming from the Scandinavian forest. The trees are harvested and peeled into sheets of veneer. After drying the veneer, we cut the sheets into A6 card sizes and grind them. After checking and testing each card we engrave them with one of our many design.

We produce our unique cards from wood with character. Some of the cards are more bendy than others, some have little folds and others are nice and shiny. But their all cards and they are all carrying our positive massages.

All our card can be written on and send by regular mail.

 About our customers

Beavers Woodland wooden postcards are only sold by shop’s that meet our social and environmental ethics.

Beavers Woodland, our Customers